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"Brahdt nicely anchors his scenes, as does Savannah Jackson as Luciana, sister-in-law to one Antipholus and wooed, disturbingly, by the other.“ -Neal Zoren for NealsPaper

“Also of note is the nimble work of Savannah Jackson, who has three roles, including a monologue as a page boy caught in the fray and the French princess Katharine, whose scene (entirely in French) is perfectly clear to anyone, linguist or not.” -Gail Obenreder of Delaware Online 

"Savannah Jackson makes for a particularly charming Katharine, and her bilingual interplay with Alice

(an equally amusing Kristin Devine) is delightful. Jackson also adds some pluckiness for Katharine’s final scene with Harry, showing that though Katharine is inexperienced she is not naïve: she holds her own in their battle of wits and initiates their kiss when she determines his suitability.” -Jennifer Kramer,

“Only three actors play single roles and the well-drilled cast of Guillermo Alonso, Adam Altman, Nathan Bunyon, Carlo Campbell, Macy Jae Davis, Kristin Devine, Nico Galloway, Savannah Jackson, Annette Kaplafka, Marcellus McQueen, Adam Pierce Montgomery, David Pica, and Cristina Riegel are a worthy Shakespearean troupe.”

-Mike Logothetis by of Delaware Arts

“Among the delightfully confounded Ephesians are Antipholus’s wife Adriana (well played by Danielle Leneé), who can’t distinguish between her husband and his twin, and her sister Luciana (the also fine Savannah Jackson), who is pursued and flattered by his like-named brother; both register their confusion with spunk and sass.” -Deb Miller of DC Metro Theatre Arts

"Savannah Jackson has an appealing spark as Rosalind's beloved cousin"  -Steve Barnes, The Times Union