Here's what some of Savannah's students have to say about her teaching.

“(Savannah’s exercises) awakened my happy”

The Art of Acting,

Temple University

“I felt very comfortable in this class. I never expected a group of people to be so close in a class.”

“Savannah communicated very clearly what she expected from us, and she encouraged me to think outside of the box every class.”

The Creative Spirit,

Temple University

“Savannah is very open and friendly. She makes it a point to talk to everyone in her class and get to know them. She makes what we are doing fun and interesting, it is one of my favorite classes.”

Please comment on the instructor’s sensitivity to the diversity (for example, political viewpoint, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual identity, and disability) of the students in the class.
There was a point in the semester where we stopped class and had a group discussion on the national election and how our acting techniques could be applied to understand the viewpoint of the national population, which many were upset at at that time. This was an interesting experiment, and it really seemed to cool tempers that were present when the class started.

The Fundamentals of Acting,

Temple University

“Savannah promoted an atmosphere which was all inclusive and comfortable. She got everyone to know everyone else and that contributed to the comfortability of the class, and in turn to the productivity and efficiency of learning.”

What aspects of the course or the instructor’s approach contributed most to your learning?
“Savannah’s enthusiasm for what she taught, even for something as boring as an introductory acting class, made the class a great environment for learning and expressing ones self.”